Sub-classification of glass processing equipment

Sep 28,2020

Glass processing equipment mainly refers to glass machinery that performs a series of processing on glass without any treatment to meet the needs of different industries. The more common glass processing technologies in the industry mainly include glass cutting, edging, polishing, laminating, and drilling. Holes, cleaning, etc.
At present, the more common glass processing equipment mainly include: glass edging machine, laser engraving machine, laminated glass equipment, and glass drilling machine. The more common ones are: glass edging machine, glass laminating equipment, glass drilling machine , Glass washing machine.
Glass edging machine: It is a precise and efficient glass deep processing equipment, mainly suitable for edging and polishing of glass. The base, bracket, guide rail frame, motor seat and other key supporting parts are made of cast iron casting, assembled and polished, and have the advantages of flat, smooth, beautiful and non-deformed appearance, thus ensuring the accuracy of the whole machine after long-term use Consistent; single worm and double worm gears are used in the transmission and transmission parts, and the transmission is uniform and continuous. The speed can be adjusted in a wide range (0-4m/min) to meet the different processing needs of different manufacturers.
Imported timing belt is selected for the clamping part, and PU and red glue are adhered on the surface, which not only ensures the proper clamping force and friction force, but also solves the problem that ultra-thin glass is fragile and difficult to clamp and transmit. The grinding system uses three-phase high-speed motors and craft grinding wheels, which are especially suitable for long-term and large-scale small and medium glass craft manufacturers. The adjustable receiving platform adopts the synchronous belt receiving frame that runs synchronously with the clamping rod part, which avoids the surface slippage during the operation of the glass. The control parts and working parts are organically coordinated, people-oriented, highlighting the humanized design. The method of use is simple and clear, and the grinding accuracy is stable and continuous. The whole work process can be monitored through the transparent observation hole, which is clear at a glance. It is an indispensable glass processing equipment for glass processing enterprises.

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