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Jingang Non Woven Fabric

Jiangyin Jingang non-woven fabric Co., Ltd. (Jiangyin Jingang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of PP polypropylene non-woven fabric production equipment, melt blown non-woven fabric production equipment, glass deep-processing machinery and equipment (CNC shaped glass edge grinding processing center equipment, color crystal glass screen printing machine, oven drying channel, glass cleaning machine, glass laminating machine, glass transfer sheet) Four sets of color gravure printing machine, semi-automatic screen printing machine and other equipment. And the production of PP polypropylene non-woven fabric, polypropylene non-woven fabric (hydrophilic, flame retardant) non-woven fabric, melt blown non-woven fabric, cross (Canberra), checkerboard, sesame pattern, spunbonded PE spunbonded (SPEs) three in one composite non-woven fabric, PP, PE coated peritoneal non-woven fabric, printing non-woven fabric, drop plastic non-woven fabric and other non-woven products. Products are widely used in glass processing industry, textile industry, luggage lining, clothing lining, thermal supplies, bedding, medical supplies, sofa soft furniture, garden supplies and other industries. The company has advanced polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric production equipment, melt blown non-woven fabric production equipment, high-speed non-woven composite production line, and production of glass processing machinery of various mechanical equipment.

Jingang Non Woven Fabric

From the start of business, the company has continuously cultivated and created a group of high-quality experts and staff in the non-woven fabric industry and glass deep-processing equipment industry, who have the courage to explore advanced technology. With this team, the company has formed a strong technical development ability, and successfully trial produced the German lefenhaus spunbonded nonwoven production line in 2002, and developed the special-shaped glass edge grinding processing center equipment in 2009, which has made its own contribution to the development of China's spunbond industry and glass deep processing industry.

At present, Jingang company has the talent foundation and technical foundation for enterprise development. We are willing to cooperate with customers with good quality, sincere service and preferential price to create a bright future for non-woven industry and glass machinery industry.

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