Superior performance and configuration of glass drying tunnel

Sep 28,2020

What are the performance and configuration of the glass drying tunnel?
1. The glass drying tunnel oven adopts a split design, the length of the whole glass drying tunnel is 10-16 meters, the width of the glass drying tunnel oven is 2.35 meters, and the drying part is divided into 5-8 sections (2 meters 1 section). The outlet is 2 meters each, the heat dissipation length is 2 meters, and the mesh belt width is 2 meters.
2. The heating pipes of the glass drying tunnel are installed on the upper part, all installed in parallel.
3. The transmission system of the glass drying tunnel adopts frequency conversion speed regulation transmission technology.
4. The material of the glass drying tunnel transmission belt is Teflon mesh belt.
5. The net height of the heating zone of the glass drying tunnel is 200mm, and the heating control of each section is controlled by an independent temperature control detector.
6. According to the usage of drying glass, in order to enable the mesh belt to bear the weight, a rolling roller is installed every 500mm.
7. The entire transmission belt of the glass drying tunnel adopts infrared induction and pneumatic automatic correction.
8. The heating tubes of the glass drying tunnel are imported gold-plated infrared lamps, and the power controller has high temperature control accuracy, energy saving and high efficiency.

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